Robust Edge Extraction for Swissranger SR-3000 Range Images

Cang Ye and GuruPrasad M. Hegde

pdficon_largeThis paper presents a new method for extracting object edges from range images obtained by a 3D range imaging sensor⎯the SwissRanger SR-3000. In range image preprocessing  tage, the method enhances object edges by using surface normal information; and it employs the Hough Transform to detect straight line features in the Normal-Enhanced Range Image  NERI). Due to the noise in the sensor’s range data, a NERI contains corrupted object surfaces that may result in unwanted edges and greatly encumber the extraction of linear features.  To alleviate this problem, a Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) filter is developed to smooth object surfaces. The efficacy of the edge extraction method is validated by experiments in  various environments.