Extrinsic and Depth Calibration of ToF-cameras, Stefan Fuchs and Gerd Hirzinger

Calibration and Registration for Precise Surface Reconstruction with TOF Cameras, Stefan Fuchs and Stefan May

Calibration of the Intensity-Related Distance Error of the PMD TOF-Camera, Marvin Lindner and Andreas Kolb

Calibration of focal length and 3d pose based on the reflectance and depth image of a planar object

Calibration of a PMD camera using a planar calibration object together with a multi-camera setup

A Unified Approach to Calibrate a Network of Camcorders and ToF cameras

Image Processing

Robust Edge Extraction for Swissranger SR-3000 Range Images, Cang Ye and GuruPrasad M. Hegde

A Comparison of PMD-Cameras and Stereo-Vision for the Task of Surface Reconstruction using Patchlets

A Combined Approach for Estimating Patchlets from PMD Depth Images and Stereo Intensity Images

SLAM, Ego-Motion-Estimation, Mapping, Localization

Real-Time Estimation of the Camera Path from a Sequence of Intrinsically Calibrated PMD Depth Images

Pose Estimation and Map Building with a PMD-Camera for Robot Navigation

Online environment reconstruction for biped navigation


Visual Tracking Using Color Cameras and Time-of-Flight Range Imaging Sensors

3D Head Tracking Based on Recognition and Interpolation Using a Time-of-Flight Depth Sensor


Graffiti Detection Using a Time-Of-Flight Camera


A Virtual Keyboard Based on True-3D Optical Ranging

Real-Time, Three-Dimensional Object Detection and Modeling in Construction

3D Object Reconstruction with Heterogeneous Sensor Data

Obstacle Detection using a TOF Range Camera for Indoor AGV Navigation