Calibration of focal length and 3d pose based on the reflectance and depth image of a planar object

Christian Beder and Reinhard Koch

pdficon_largeThe estimation of position and orientation of a PMD camera in a global reference frame is required by many measurement applications based on such systems. PMD cameras produce a depth as well as a reflectance image of low resolution compared to standard optical cameras, so that calibration of the cameras based on the reflecance image alone is difficult. We will present a novel approach for calibrating the focal length and 3d pose of a PMD camera based on the depth and reflectance image of a planar checkerboard pattern. By integrating both sources of information higher accuracies can be achieved. Furthermore, one single image is sufficient for calibrating the focal length as well as the 3d pose from a planar reference object. This is because the depth measurements are orthogonal to the lateral intensity measurements and provide direct metric information.


Ludi Incipiant!

For the past three years I have been working with ToF cameras and was often confronted with the problem finding informations on the functional principle, camera devices, projects, groups and outstanding publications. So far, there is no place in the world wide web that overviews these topics.

Then, why not trying to initiate such a reviewing website, which

  • describes the technology
  • communicates news
  • accumulates publications and enables discussions
  • collects links.

As a start, the WordPress blogging tools seem to meet the requirements, especially regarding the participation. Thus, I hope some interesting and profitable discussions will evolve and say: Ludi incipiant!