Extrinsic and Depth Calibration of ToF-cameras

Stefan Fuchs and Gerd Hirzinger

pdficon_largeRecently, ToF-cameras have attracted attention because of their ability to generate a full 2 1/2 D depth image at video frame rate. Thus, ToF-cameras are suitable for real-time 3D tasks such as tracking, visual servoing or object pose estimation. The usability of such systems mainly depends on an accurate camera calibration. In this work a calibration process for ToF-cameras with respect to the intrinsic parameters, the depth measurement distortion and the pose of the camera to a robot’s endeffector is described. The calibration process is not only based on the monochromatic images of the camera but also uses its depth values that are generated from a chequer-board pattern. The robustness and accuracy of the presented method is assessed applying it to randomly selected shots and comparing the calibrated measurements to a ground truth obtained from a laser scanner.


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